Feeling frustrated trying to learn Spanish?

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

Are you trying to learn another language but it is really not creating anything but frustration? Why not come to Costa Rica and take advantage of the opportunity of being completely immersed within a Spanish culture? It is a once in a life time experience, that cannot be missed!

Studying another language should not have to be a tedious, daily battle, it should be an exciting challenge! If you book today that Spanish course, then you will be securing the chance of an adventure in a country, notorious for its nature and wildlife !

There are an abundance of Spanish schools to choose from here in Costa Rica, but from experience I would highly recommend CPI (Centro Panamericano de Idiomas) Spanish Immersion School. It is made up of three spectacular schools and each school is located in a highly, unique place. Why not make the most of being able to divide your studies and time between heaven and well, I suppose heaven and heaven!

One of the schools is set in the suburbs of a town called Heredia. Students will get to experience what it is like to live and learn in a typical Costa Rican town and yet not be too far from Costa Rica's capital city; San Jose. The school is encircled by exotic gardens in which you can unwind during break time and for those who are just bursting with energy then there is a ping pong table, mini soccer pitch and basketball court.

The second campus is perched on a green mountain top between the small, Tico (Costa Rican people) town of Santa Elena and the famous Quaker village of Monteverde, however the area is best known as 'Monteverde'. The area consists of extensive cloud forests , wondrous wildlife, panoramic views and spectacular sunsets. One of the best viewing points in Monteverde is actually located right in front of the school. Imagine bringing an end to a day of Spanish classes, to work out in the mini gym and a long soak in the jacuzzi, with the picture perfect sunset!

CPI Flamingo is located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, which is notorious for its stretches of white, pristine beaches and crystal, blue waters. The Flamingo area has a slight Northern American feel to it, so take a trip to the nearby typical Costa Rican towns. The school has a place to play basketball and ping pong. If you want to relax and cool down then why not take advantage of the swimming pool. However, if you want to go out and about then take a 5 minute walk to Flamingo Beach.

You can begin your Spanish program when you want and the duration of the course is a completely personal choice. The specialized Spanish programs are tailored to suit individual needs and if you decide you want to study at all three schools then the transition is nothing but a smooth and might I say 'adventurous' ride!

Once CPI has selected the right Spanish Program for you it doesn't stop there. It can arrange your accommodation. If you don't want to speak anything but Spanish then a home stay would be ideal. Nevertheless CPI also offers stay in one of its fully equipped and furnished studios, which are located close to the school.

Don't forget that apart from learning Spanish at CPI you need to make time for adventure. Take advantage of the many tours and activities and reveal Costa Rica's true beauty! It is a unique country offering a wide variety of terrain and climate suiting all needs! - 30683

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