Extreme Costa Rica Zip Line Tours

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

Costa Rica has become increasingly popular as a vacation destination. Also on the rise in the activities list is canopy tours. With many choices available to choose from it's a thrill for both young and old. If you go home without trying your hand at zip lining, you will surely regret it.

With a variety of tour companies to choose from, you need to do your research to make sure you book your canopy tour that will provide you with the adventure you are in search of. If it is adventure you're looking for, this is where you will find it. Once is definitely not enough!

Costa Rica canopy tours offer many different kinds of adrenaline rush. Whether you are zip lining through the jungle, then jumping from a 30' platform on a Tarzan swing, or just repelling down the side of a mountain, there is something for every one. There are many different canopy tour operators to choose from, depending on how much or little adventure you desire.

Canopy tours consist of a series of platforms and cables placed strategically throughout the forest. As you travel from platform to platform, you will be connected to the cable with a harness and pulley. Some tour companies offer safety connections while you are standing on the platform waiting to move to through to the next location.

What better way to view the upper levels of a rain Forest than by flying along harnessed to a cable gliding over the treetops. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view. I f you have questions about age restrictions, people with disabilities, weight or medical issues, check with your tour operator of choice prior to booking.

There are canopy tours located in Herradura next to Jaco on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica and offers breathtaking views of the gulf of Nicoya and the Pacific Ocean. Prices are comparable among all the operators, starting around $40.00 per person for adults.

Congo Trail Canopy Tour is a canopy tour located between Flamingo and Ocotal beaches. Turubari is an eco-adventure oriented theme park and a Costa Rica adventure travel company offering premium quality one day adventure Rain Forest tours. Some of the tours available are the famous Costa Rica canopy tour, the rain Forest aerial tram tour, the tropical park tour, the horseback ride tour, the sensational cable tour and much more.

If you plan on visiting the Monteverde or Santa Elena Cloud Forest, you will have an opportunity to experience the birds view on things. They do have suspension bridges for your amazing views from the treetops. Just enjoy a nice leisurely walk along the treetops taking in the beautiful views of the forest below.

As with any vacation, it's best to always be prepared. When visiting Costa Rica remember that we are very close to the equator here and it's best to bring lots of sunscreen. Bug spray is also suggested, you are experiencing a different climate and precautions are always suggested. Make this vacation an adventure in this beautiful scenic country, and enjoy! - 30683

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