Costa Rica' Traveling Within A Country Of Pure Paradise

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

After a smooth landing we drew in a huge breath of relief, as after an 18 hour long flight we had finally arrived in Costa Rica, which literally translates as 'Rich Coast' and renowned for its beauty and pure, tropical paradise.

Costa Rica is home to an abundance of natural delights. It is a small country but this doesn't stop the 1.5 million tourists from flocking each year. The difference between beach, jungle and mountain life is so drastic and yet in Costa Rica one is lucky enough to be able to experience all of them.

Our first destination was La Fortuna, San Carlos! We were immediately captivated by the 1633 meter volcano, known as 'Volcan Arenal'. The volcano is active and that night we were blown away by what we saw. Hot lava was actually spilling out from one of its three craters and seeping down the side, creating worm like patterns that glowed in the night sky. It was a truly incredible sight!

We stayed the night at the base of the volcano in an observatory lodge. It was like we had the best front row seats at the cinema because in the morning we had the privilege of eating breakfast accompanied by the volcano and all of its activity. It all just felt so surreal!

After our horseback ride, which took us through a number of cultivated areas it was time to get our walking boots on. The trek down to 'La Fortuna' waterfall was a steep one and lasted for about 30 minutes but it was all worth it when we were standing at the foot of one of the most powerful waterfalls that I had ever seen.

That afternoon we were on our way up the mountain side. Next stop, the Monteverde Cloud Forest! The intensity of the views as we snailed up the bumpy, dirt roads grew with each curve that we took. It was truly breathtaking and we both felt completely at peace.

Eventually we hit a paved road and we knew that we had arrived. We immediately found a place to stay at La Pension de Santa Elena. It was the twinkling fairy lights and hammock that drew my attention. The staff was amazing and by that evening our day ahead was planned out. Feeling sleepy...time to hit the hay!

I have never felt more like a monkey until I hit the canopy. We were going from tree to tree in the vast forest and then came the time to do the tarzan swing. This is a definite for those who like an adrenaline rush, as from the time I stepped off the platform to when I finished my body was tingling with pure excitement. As I was swinging through the trees I felt so free from everything!

On our walk back to our hostel after a crazy, fun filled day we were stopped in our tracks! Looking down through the haze into the valley we could see the sea. It was glistening from the reflection of the sun that was slowly bringing an end to what had been a wonderful day! The intertwining of intense colors lit up the night sky and for a few seconds I swear I was somewhere else. It was the perfect end to the perfect vacation! - 30683

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