You Can Do It -- Learn How to Speak Spanish

By Gail Nettles

There are a lot of options to learn how to speak Spanish nowadays; it's merely a matter of choosing which option is best for you.

Spanish is the most common primary language in all of the Americas -- North, Central and South. It is spoken in many parts of the United States, (California alone has over 5 million people who speak Spanish in their homes). Then there's the Philippines, Africa, and we must not forget Spain. So if you are beginning to speak Spanish, you will not have far to go to practice.

English vs Spanish

Spanish and English are roughly the same in the battle to become the second most used and useful language around the globe. The Spanish language is gaining far more importance in worldwide commerce as the economies of Latin American countries get better. So maybe that is why so many people are learning to speak Spanish.

Methods to Learn to Speak Spanish

One of the most obvious and conventional ways of learning to speak Spanish would be by taking night classes. You have to decide if you have the time to attend classes regularly. Also, whether you will have the energy after a hard day at the office to take in a couple of hours of language instruction.

More and more these days, people are using the computer to learn how to speak Spanish. There are some fabulous language learning software programs that are available, which blend online learning with offline CDs. These language programs can be worked at your own pace and time, and can even be listened-to in the car or while relaxing in bed.

Make your attempts at learning to speak Spanish enjoyable. Here's an idea; download the 100 most used Spanish phrases. Start your education with these; try to incorporate them in your daily life and you'll be on your way.

One more great tip is to use other online resources to support your learning. Look up Spanish newspapers and read through some stories that you are familiar with. You can also check out the Spanish versions of your favorite magazines.

A final tip -- give your efforts to learn Spanish a real boost and watch some subtitled Spanish movies. Before too long you will be dreaming in Spanish.

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