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By Miriam G Price

Is it difficult to learn the Spanish language? Such a question is not always an easy one to answer. There are various factors that contribute to how successful a person's study of the language is. The personal effort an individual puts into the process will play a large role. Also of vital importance is the structured program needed to instill the skills necessary to learn the language. Those interested in enrolling in Spanish language courses but lack the time commitment needed to succeed, Fluenz Spanish remains one of the very best sources of learning one could seek. This is a perfect "at home" Spanish language course that covers the basics of conversational Spanish in a well structured manner.

What does Fluenz Have?

The Spanish language courses presented in Fluenz Spanish are quite varied and can appeal to various different students that maintain different learning requirements. For example, some students will respond better to visual presentations and the inclusion of course DVDs is quite helpful in this regard. Those learners that respond better to audio material will be happy to discover that there are audio CD's included which are a great help as well. Also included with this system are a number of integrated computer software systems. These systems are designed to rapidly promote interactive learning that will enhance the Spanish language course material. For example, there are voice recording "workout" sessions available which can lead to making your venture expand as positively as humanly possible. That alone makes taking part in a Fluenz Spanish language course so valuable.

The bulk of the Spanish language courses in this Fluenz system centers mostly on the very basic components of introductory Spanish. To say that the amount is comprehensive would be an understatement. There are 30 sessions that entail two and a half hours of material per each session. That covers a tremendous amount of material! The negative to these Spanish language courses is the fact that the material does not venture into the intermediate level. Those that are looking for basic conversational language skills will not be disappointed but those looking for advanced material such as business language skills may be disappointed.

Fluenz Spanish is an excellent independent self-study course that enables you to learn Spanish on a conversational level. Depending on the user's skill and knowledge level of computer systems, easy navigation of this program is an outstanding feature. If one has minor experience with computer systems, one may have to take a few extra steps to run the program but learning to speak and comprehend basic Spanish from the comfort of your own home is well worth the investment.

final Assessment

Overall, the positives of the Spanish language courses found in Fluenz Spanish greatly outweigh the minor cons associated with the system. This is an outstanding self-study course that truly presents the means in which one can learn a new language. That is why investing in a purchase would certainly be a wise move. - 30683

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