Best Thing To Do In Costa Rica

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

Costa Rica canopy tours are becoming increasingly popular to many more tourists visiting Costa Rica each year. Tourists aging in range from ninety years old to as young as six years old can experience this thrill of a lifetime. Do not leave Costa Rica wishing you had taken the chance to experience this incredible thrill.

There is something about the rush of zipping through the forest above the treetops on a cable connected to a pulley. The pure adrenaline rush you get is unexplainable as well as one you will never forget. There are many tour companies to choose from so do your homework before booking your tour.

Costa Rica canopy tours offer many different kinds of adrenaline rush. Whether you are zip lining through the jungle, then jumping from a 30' platform on a Tarzan swing, or just repelling down the side of a mountain, there is something for every one. There are many different canopy tour operators to choose from, depending on how much or little adventure you desire.

A Canopy tour consists of cables attached to trees which are surrounded by platforms throughout the forest. A guide at each end of the cable helps you clip your pulley, which is already attached to your harness, and off you go. Some of the tour operators take an extra precaution by clipping you to a safety cable while you are standing on the platform.

There is an age and weight restrictions but I have never heard of anyone being turned away because of weight. The youngest that I know that has enjoyed this adventure was six years old. However, all companies have varying policies so it's best to ask prior to booking your tour.

Prices range from about $40.00 U.S. and up depending on which tour company you choose.There are canopy tours in Herradura, which is on the Central Pacific coast, close to Jaco beach. This incredible spot offers spectacular views of the gulf of Nicoya and Pacific Ocean as you are soaring through the sky.

Whether you choose the eco-friendly theme park tour, the famous Original Canopy tour or a tropical park tour; we are certain you will find one to meet your needs. Horseback riding tours to your first canopy, premium full day adventure tours or just the Original Costa Rica canopy tour, it's all here. Congo Trail Canopy is a favorite of a lot of tourists because it sits between Ocotal and Flamingo beaches; suggest you check it out!

While the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the Santa Elena reserve are both amazing places and depending on your choice, both are a must see. There are many trails to explore in Monteverde and Santa Elena reserve and they do have suspension bridges. Your birds-eye view for bromelias, orchids and of course the birds from their perspective.

As with any vacation, it's best to always be prepared. When visiting Costa Rica remember that we are very close to the equator here and it's best to bring lots of sunscreen. Bug spray is also suggested, you are experiencing a different climate and precautions are always suggested. Make this vacation an adventure in this beautiful scenic country, and enjoy! - 30683

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Why Take A Ziplining Tour When You Visit Costa Rica

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

If you are asking yourself why you should take Monteverde Costa Rica canopy tours on your next holiday in Costa Rica, there is a very simple answer to this question. Simply put, a Costa Rica zip lining tour is the thrill of a lifetime and something you will not find anywhere else. If you are looking for a unique way to enjoy nature and have some excitement at the same time, this is the tour for you.

You can take your whole family along on your adventure. It's an occasion that will surely be a treasured memory. Certainly, an unforgettable good time.

While up above the forest you'll be experiencing the forest from a perspective that not too many people ever get to see. Zipping from tree-top platform to platform, you'll be taking in forest views that normally only the cloud forest creatures get to see.

The Moneverde cloud forest canopy hosts a very site-specific, endemic, flora and fauna. Bromeliads and orchids, strange fungi, and lichen covered tree limbs are home-base to an array of migrating tropical birds and many exciting mammal species.

The canopy tours in this area have qualified instructors and safety guides to help you enjoy your first experience with peace of mind. They will direct you on how to zipline from treetop to treetop safely, so that your worries can be put aside.

The experience that you and your entire family will have on this unique tour is something that you will be eager to repeat over and over again. If you plan to be in Costa Rica, this is the first thing that you should look for when you are trying to find tours and activities that the whole family can take part in. A Monteverde zip line experience will easily become your favorite event on your next holiday in Costa Rica. - 30683

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Extreme Costa Rica Zip Line Tours

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

Costa Rica has become increasingly popular as a vacation destination. Also on the rise in the activities list is canopy tours. With many choices available to choose from it's a thrill for both young and old. If you go home without trying your hand at zip lining, you will surely regret it.

With a variety of tour companies to choose from, you need to do your research to make sure you book your canopy tour that will provide you with the adventure you are in search of. If it is adventure you're looking for, this is where you will find it. Once is definitely not enough!

Costa Rica canopy tours offer many different kinds of adrenaline rush. Whether you are zip lining through the jungle, then jumping from a 30' platform on a Tarzan swing, or just repelling down the side of a mountain, there is something for every one. There are many different canopy tour operators to choose from, depending on how much or little adventure you desire.

Canopy tours consist of a series of platforms and cables placed strategically throughout the forest. As you travel from platform to platform, you will be connected to the cable with a harness and pulley. Some tour companies offer safety connections while you are standing on the platform waiting to move to through to the next location.

What better way to view the upper levels of a rain Forest than by flying along harnessed to a cable gliding over the treetops. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view. I f you have questions about age restrictions, people with disabilities, weight or medical issues, check with your tour operator of choice prior to booking.

There are canopy tours located in Herradura next to Jaco on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica and offers breathtaking views of the gulf of Nicoya and the Pacific Ocean. Prices are comparable among all the operators, starting around $40.00 per person for adults.

Congo Trail Canopy Tour is a canopy tour located between Flamingo and Ocotal beaches. Turubari is an eco-adventure oriented theme park and a Costa Rica adventure travel company offering premium quality one day adventure Rain Forest tours. Some of the tours available are the famous Costa Rica canopy tour, the rain Forest aerial tram tour, the tropical park tour, the horseback ride tour, the sensational cable tour and much more.

If you plan on visiting the Monteverde or Santa Elena Cloud Forest, you will have an opportunity to experience the birds view on things. They do have suspension bridges for your amazing views from the treetops. Just enjoy a nice leisurely walk along the treetops taking in the beautiful views of the forest below.

As with any vacation, it's best to always be prepared. When visiting Costa Rica remember that we are very close to the equator here and it's best to bring lots of sunscreen. Bug spray is also suggested, you are experiencing a different climate and precautions are always suggested. Make this vacation an adventure in this beautiful scenic country, and enjoy! - 30683

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Feeling frustrated trying to learn Spanish?

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

Are you trying to learn another language but it is really not creating anything but frustration? Why not come to Costa Rica and take advantage of the opportunity of being completely immersed within a Spanish culture? It is a once in a life time experience, that cannot be missed!

Studying another language should not have to be a tedious, daily battle, it should be an exciting challenge! If you book today that Spanish course, then you will be securing the chance of an adventure in a country, notorious for its nature and wildlife !

There are an abundance of Spanish schools to choose from here in Costa Rica, but from experience I would highly recommend CPI (Centro Panamericano de Idiomas) Spanish Immersion School. It is made up of three spectacular schools and each school is located in a highly, unique place. Why not make the most of being able to divide your studies and time between heaven and well, I suppose heaven and heaven!

One of the schools is set in the suburbs of a town called Heredia. Students will get to experience what it is like to live and learn in a typical Costa Rican town and yet not be too far from Costa Rica's capital city; San Jose. The school is encircled by exotic gardens in which you can unwind during break time and for those who are just bursting with energy then there is a ping pong table, mini soccer pitch and basketball court.

The second campus is perched on a green mountain top between the small, Tico (Costa Rican people) town of Santa Elena and the famous Quaker village of Monteverde, however the area is best known as 'Monteverde'. The area consists of extensive cloud forests , wondrous wildlife, panoramic views and spectacular sunsets. One of the best viewing points in Monteverde is actually located right in front of the school. Imagine bringing an end to a day of Spanish classes, to work out in the mini gym and a long soak in the jacuzzi, with the picture perfect sunset!

CPI Flamingo is located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, which is notorious for its stretches of white, pristine beaches and crystal, blue waters. The Flamingo area has a slight Northern American feel to it, so take a trip to the nearby typical Costa Rican towns. The school has a place to play basketball and ping pong. If you want to relax and cool down then why not take advantage of the swimming pool. However, if you want to go out and about then take a 5 minute walk to Flamingo Beach.

You can begin your Spanish program when you want and the duration of the course is a completely personal choice. The specialized Spanish programs are tailored to suit individual needs and if you decide you want to study at all three schools then the transition is nothing but a smooth and might I say 'adventurous' ride!

Once CPI has selected the right Spanish Program for you it doesn't stop there. It can arrange your accommodation. If you don't want to speak anything but Spanish then a home stay would be ideal. Nevertheless CPI also offers stay in one of its fully equipped and furnished studios, which are located close to the school.

Don't forget that apart from learning Spanish at CPI you need to make time for adventure. Take advantage of the many tours and activities and reveal Costa Rica's true beauty! It is a unique country offering a wide variety of terrain and climate suiting all needs! - 30683

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Costa Rica' Traveling Within A Country Of Pure Paradise

By Elenor Q. Reynolds

After a smooth landing we drew in a huge breath of relief, as after an 18 hour long flight we had finally arrived in Costa Rica, which literally translates as 'Rich Coast' and renowned for its beauty and pure, tropical paradise.

Costa Rica is home to an abundance of natural delights. It is a small country but this doesn't stop the 1.5 million tourists from flocking each year. The difference between beach, jungle and mountain life is so drastic and yet in Costa Rica one is lucky enough to be able to experience all of them.

Our first destination was La Fortuna, San Carlos! We were immediately captivated by the 1633 meter volcano, known as 'Volcan Arenal'. The volcano is active and that night we were blown away by what we saw. Hot lava was actually spilling out from one of its three craters and seeping down the side, creating worm like patterns that glowed in the night sky. It was a truly incredible sight!

We stayed the night at the base of the volcano in an observatory lodge. It was like we had the best front row seats at the cinema because in the morning we had the privilege of eating breakfast accompanied by the volcano and all of its activity. It all just felt so surreal!

After our horseback ride, which took us through a number of cultivated areas it was time to get our walking boots on. The trek down to 'La Fortuna' waterfall was a steep one and lasted for about 30 minutes but it was all worth it when we were standing at the foot of one of the most powerful waterfalls that I had ever seen.

That afternoon we were on our way up the mountain side. Next stop, the Monteverde Cloud Forest! The intensity of the views as we snailed up the bumpy, dirt roads grew with each curve that we took. It was truly breathtaking and we both felt completely at peace.

Eventually we hit a paved road and we knew that we had arrived. We immediately found a place to stay at La Pension de Santa Elena. It was the twinkling fairy lights and hammock that drew my attention. The staff was amazing and by that evening our day ahead was planned out. Feeling sleepy...time to hit the hay!

I have never felt more like a monkey until I hit the canopy. We were going from tree to tree in the vast forest and then came the time to do the tarzan swing. This is a definite for those who like an adrenaline rush, as from the time I stepped off the platform to when I finished my body was tingling with pure excitement. As I was swinging through the trees I felt so free from everything!

On our walk back to our hostel after a crazy, fun filled day we were stopped in our tracks! Looking down through the haze into the valley we could see the sea. It was glistening from the reflection of the sun that was slowly bringing an end to what had been a wonderful day! The intertwining of intense colors lit up the night sky and for a few seconds I swear I was somewhere else. It was the perfect end to the perfect vacation! - 30683

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Learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone

By Miriam G Price

If you've been interested in learning Spanish at an advanced level, a useful tool you can turn to is a learn Spanish software. There are many Software that are available that can accomplish the aforementioned task, but if true command of the Spanish language is your goal, the Program Rosetta Stone is a true standout. Although Rosetta Stone offers a variety of tools for Spanish language learning, you may want to know if the software would suit you. Here are a few points you'd want to check up on.

What to Look Ahead to:

Assuming you want to learn Spanish you might be curious about Rosetta Stone. Well, when you get it you will discover for yourself that the first two levels can be used with a PC or Mac. The set includes your own microphone and instructional guide as well.

You'll be able to interact with this Spanish language learning software and it adapts to your strengths and requirements. It molds to your ability and you'll learn that the key purpose is engaging in both active and open learning of the Spanish language. The software corrects speech by using the module for recognizing your voice.

The Advantages

There are a lot of good things about this Spanish language learning software. For instance, you can run it directly from the CD or you can even download it directly onto your MP3 player for on the go learning. This kind of flexibility in learning access is very helpful! You'll see that the learn Spanish software alone, similarly, is built for running at your level of ability. It will only move as fast as you can, and you'll learn there isn't an opportunity for getting behind, like in a lot of real classes. While learning Spanish, you'll learn you can progress and ensure all the fundamentals are covered.

Similarly, you will find that the program itself is constructed to run at the level that you are capable of. The program only moves as fast as you do, and you will find that there is no chance of being left behind, which is a risk in many live classrooms. When you are in the process of Spanish language learning, you will find that you are going to be able to move forward and to make sure that you can get all the basics covered.

The Disadvantages

If you want learn more about the Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish Software, you can also look up Spanish Language Learning if you want to speak Spanish. - 30683

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Knowing About Online English Courses

By Adriana Noton

Online classes for learning a language are becoming more popular these days. And it's the same for online English courses, too.

Students need good study materials, fast access to the Internet, and a trusty web camera. They also need focus and dedication.

Teachers also need fast Internet access and a trusty web camera. They also need to be patient, qualified, and prepared.

Many excellent reasons exist to learn any language, including English, online. It's fairly inexpensive, convenient, flexible, easy to maintain, and learning or teaching is able to be done from anywhere. Thus, as to why the need for online language courses is increasing there is no secret.

Online English courses are convenient. Students can prepare for and study a lesson at home. Then, they can switch on their computer and have a class at a pre-arranged time. No issues with commuting, weather, traffic, or other similar inconveniences are dealt with. Additionally, lessons can be done in any environment which the student finds comfortable.

There is not much maintenance involved, either. The only things a teacher or student needs are a computer, quick and reliable Internet access, and a web camera. Most people who are interested in language learning probably already have these things in their everyday life. And because learning takes place at home, all a student needs for lessons is at hand already.

The costs are relatively low, as well. Surely, fees charged by the instructor or institute or exist. However, this virtual kind of business normally requires less overhead than a typical brick-and-mortar business, and there usually aren't any other disingenuous costs. Many of these virtual institutes allow PayPal or credit card payment. And, as we all know, this kind of payment is safer and more secure than ever.

In contemporary times, being flexible is a key component to any success in life or business. And flexibility is one the key reasons people study online. Appointment times are flexible. Payment methods are flexible. Attire is flexible. The study environment is even flexible. Of course, students are able to study at their own pace, as well. Together, all of these renders excellent a non-traditionalist's choice for online studying.

Studying or learning from anywhere is possible. A student in New York City can learn from a teacher living in Nairobi. A student in Buenos Aires can talk with a teacher in Manchester. And a teacher in Houston can tutor a student living in Shanghai. And what this does is add an untold likability to online learning.

If you are or have been curious to know more about online language-learning, don't delay in finding out more. And this holds true for online English courses, too.

However, it's a good idea to keep in mind this: remember that, as a student you still will have to work hard. You'll still have to practice, study, and be prepared every day. And, you need to, as a teacher, be patient, prepared, and qualified. Whichever of the two you are, make sure you do exhaustive research about the online course you intend to take. Doing so helps make your experience as good as possible. - 30683

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